News - Why Our Bag Factory Is a Leader in Wholesale Production?

Why Our Bag Factory Is a Leader in Wholesale Production?

Yiwu TrustU Sports Co., Ltd., situated in Yiwu City, is a distinguished bag manufacturer renowned for exceptional design and craftsmanship. We specialize in high-quality products and excel in OEM/ODM services as well as custom creation, ensuring a personalized and efficient solution for every client's unique needs.


Our company prioritizes quality in every production phase, especially at our specialized sewing station, where skilled artisans employ advanced machinery to meet rigorous quality standards.


This specialized workstation is designed for meticulous bag assembly, with integrated quality control features that allow for simultaneous evaluation of craftsmanship and component quality.


Our dedicated warehouse prioritizes precise packing procedures to optimize logistics, ensuring that goods are stored and shipped in a manner that upholds the highest standards of quality.


This specific corner is designated for meticulously categorized raw materials, ensuring organized storage and easy access to optimize our production efficiency.

Exclusive Designer Collaboration: An Intimate Creative Session


In our design studio, we have a highly experienced designer proficient in both design and product development. He specializes in creating bespoke items that not only meet customer specifications but also elevate the overall aesthetic and functional quality of the end product.


Our skilled team meticulously crafts molds based on the finalized designs, ensuring each product detail is captured. This precision-driven approach guarantees customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality, tailor-made items that meet all specifications.


Our specialized design team collaborates closely with clients to tailor products that meet their exact requirements, meticulously focusing on every detail to ensure the end result is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Once samples and production protocols are finalized, our skilled workforce commences large-scale manufacturing, diligently adhering to client specifications to deliver high-quality, customized products on time.



In our dedicated quality control section, we rigorously test processed semi-finished products and raw materials to ensure they meet our stringent quality standards before proceeding to the next stage of production.


Once the customer approves the final samples, our skilled factory floor team initiates batch production, adhering to strict quality and design specifications to ensure product consistency.



We prioritize customer privacy and needs, offering tailor-made products based on specific requirements. Our in-house design team ensures each customized item meets our high-quality standards.

Sample room

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0003 拷贝
0001 拷贝
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0002 拷贝

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